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Surat Basin 


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Civil earthworks

Maranoa Civil JV provides high quality civil construction services to the oil, gas, mining and infrastructure sectors in Queensland.

This Indigenous JV combines the local knowledge of Traditional Owner company, Surat Basin Projects, with the major projects experience of leading concrete pumping and civil construction company Meales.

Maranoa Civil JV provides

  • High performance services that are underpinned by seasoned project management built over 2 decades in the oil, gas and mining sectors in Australian and near Asian markets.

  • Knowledge of terrain and country to deliver best quality and fit for purpose civil construction outcomes.

  • A full range of civil construction services including bulk and detailed earthworks, site establishment, site rehabilitation, roads and access ways, drill pads, pipelines, dams, water infrastructure, hardstands, site foundations, car parks, bridges and culverts, erosion control, flood repair and mitigation, civil construction for industrial, commercial and residential development.

  • Cultural heritage services and technical advice on terrains and country in the Surat Basin. Traditional Owners bring a deep understanding of cultural heritage in the region and knowledge of terrains.

  • Indigenous Engagement, Training & Employment including an award winning model and program to assist proponents meeting Indigenous Participation Policy (IPP) requirements.

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